General Maintenance

  • Hydraulic Brake Replacement Guide

    Follow this guide to replace the hydraulic brake components on your bike in the unlikely event one or more ...

  • Brake Adjustment Guide

    With a brand new bike, a small amount of brake rubbing and noise can occur during a break-in period known a...

  • How to Remove a Stripped or Stuck Bolts

    This article outlines some tips and tricks to remove a bolt that is stuck (with an undamaged head) or strip...

  • Derailleur Adjustment Guide

    The derailleur is a bike component that moves the chain from one cog to another when the shifter is used wh...

  • Bottom Bracket Cleaning Guide

    The bottom bracket is the part of the frame located directly between the left and right cranks. The bottom ...

  • Brake Pad Replacement Guide

    The mechanical disc brakes on your bike are a critical safety feature. Ensuring the brake pads have adequat...

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