New Owner Tools

  • New Owner's Guide

    Thanks for choosing Rad Power Bikes! We have put together a couple of quick tips to help you ride Rad! To g...

  • Download My Owner's Manual or View Assembly Video

    Each ebike from Rad Power Bikes ships with an owner's manual. The most up-to-date manuals for ebikes sold i...

  • Where Can I Find My Ebike's Serial Number

    The serial number is engraved on the bike frame below the RAD badge at the front of the bike. You can also ...

  • RadWagon Rear Wheel Removal Guide

    This guide will show you how to remove and reinstall the rear wheel on a RadWagon. The photos below show a ...

  • Basic Battery Use

    Click a heading below to learn about how to use the battery keys, how to remove the battery, and how to che...

  • Motor Operation Guide

    All Rad Power Bikes ebikes sold in Europe are equipped with a pedal assist system, and a twist grip (twist ...

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