Bike Security: Protecting Against Loss or Theft

Click on a heading below to learn about how to protect your bike so you can keep riding Rad. 

Lock up Your Bike
All of our bikes have the following anti-theft features:
  • A locking battery pack that can either be locked onto the frame, or unlocked, removed, and brought with you for charging and safe keeping. 
  • A permanently attached LCD display.
  • A rear wheel which is bolted to the dropouts to reduce the chances of a thief stealing the wheel from the bike. 

We recommend investing in a quality lock to protect your bike when you're not riding. Check out our  Accessories page to see which bike locks you can purchase directly from Rad Power Bikes.

For RadMission owners, the ABUS wheel lock  and the ABUS Chain 6KS/85 are great options for keeping your rear wheel secure. Check out the installation instructions HERE.

Rad Power Bikes makes no claims or recommendations on the proper lock hardware or procedures to secure your bike, but we do recommend you take the appropriate precautions to keep your bike safe from theft.

Keep Your Serial Number
The serial number is stamped into the metal of the frame, either at the front of the bike below the RAD badge, or on the underside of the bottom bracket. It is also listed on the outside of the bike box your bike was packaged in.

We attempt to keep a record of all serial numbers, but it's always a good idea to keep a copy of your serial number and order confirmation number for your records.


Register and Insure Your Ebike
It’s a good idea to keep your order information, such as your order confirmation and serial number, for your personal records.

Consult your local vehicle registration authority to check if ebike registration and insurance is required in your area. To insure your bike, check with your personal insurance agent to see if they have liability and personal property coverage for you and your bike.

We also suggest registering your bike with Bike Index or 529 Garage. Both are free services that store your bike's information in a database that is searchable by police departments and bike shops. This can be helpful if your bike is lost or stolen.


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